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Vivian Kityo: Wakisa Ministries

“Our vision is to have a generation of young people free from the impacts of war … living with hope that the Gospel of Jesus Christ offers.”

Adam Alter: Drunk Tank Pink

Explore the subconscious forces that influence the way you think, feel and act, with NYU Professor Adam Alter.

Paul Stevens: Faith and Footy

From playing footy to planting a church, to spreading the Gospel all around the world, Paul shares his incredible journey of salvation, faith and hope. 

Claire Diaz-Ortiz: Hope Runs

“If you’ve put this orphanage in my path to change me, open my eyes to see,” Claire prayed. Then her life changed forever. 

Boyd Klap: WWII Veteran

Hear a first-hand account of war from a man who lived in Nazi-occupied Holland and was part of the underground resistance movement. 

NSW Premier Mike Baird

100 Days in Office

In possibly the most remarkable political circumstances that NSW has seen, Premier Mike Baird became the leader of Australia’s most populous state. In this podcast, he talks about the transition from Treasurer to Premier and his once-in-a-generation plans for the state.

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Renee Byer and Thomas Nazario

Living on a Dollar a Day

More than a billion people in the world live on a dollar a day or less. Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist Renee C Byer and US attorney Thomas Nazario have joined forces to tell the stories of people living in poverty from all around the globe.

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Jenny Stanger

Ending Human Trafficking & Modern Slavery

Jenny Stanger has dedicated her life to bringing an end to human trafficking and slavery. In this podcast, Jenny talks about the existence of modern slavery in our cities and how we can do our part to identify and help people trapped in servitude.

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Pastor Nigel

Christians in Iraq

Christians have been forced to flee from their homes in Mosul, Iraq, after Islamic militant group ISIS began targeting the church. Pastor Nigel, CEO of Open Doors Australia, shares reports from the church leaders in Iraq, and encourages us to stand with them in prayer. 

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Raechel Bull

The Journey towards Motherhood

From a person who was reluctant to think about having children, to becoming a mother-of-two, Raechel Bull shares her journey towards parenthood including the painful experience of miscarriage, troubled pregnancies, and the ultimate joy of becoming a mother.

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Greg Anderson

Learning from the Aboriginal Church

The newly-elected sixth Anglican Bishop of the Northern Territory, Greg Anderson, shares his love for the Northern Territory and Australia’s Indigenous people, and how we can learn a lot about our faith and spirituality from Aboriginal culture.

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Leisa Aitken


Anxiety disorders are the most common mental health problem affecting Australians. Psychologist Leisa Aitken explains anxiety, the symptoms and impacts, its different forms, and how we can overcome it.

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Roger and Michele Frisch

Music and Miracles

He’s a Concertmaster and Violinist with the Minnesota Orchestra and she’s the Principal Flute of the Minnesota Opera Orchestra. In this podcast, Roger and Michele Frisch talk about marriage, their love for music and Roger’s miracle surgery that saved his career and changed their lives.

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Gary Barkalow

Discover Your Calling in Life

Founder of Noble Heart Ministries, Gary Barkalow, has dedicated his life to helping people discover their calling. In this podcast he discusses the difference between a calling and a career, and how both can complement each other.

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Dr Brian Miller

Science and Faith

Dr Brian Miller is a brilliant physicist with a gift of sharing his faith through science. He shares his personal discovery of faith, discusses intelligent design and creationism, and says everyone can relate to God through science.

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