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Dr Ben Carson: Gifted Hands

“I hope to be a man of God, someone who simply allows himself to be used as a conduit through which God can do thing.”

Maryam and Marziyeh: Captive in Iran 

“Three guards came to our apartment and found our Bible … then they transferred us to detention.”

Live Different 

Explore the pressure points Christians face in everyday life, and learn to live full and free, deep and different.

Kim Carruthers

Less Is More

The idea of living a simple, uncluttered life sounds attractive to many, but the next question is often confronting – where do I begin? De-clutter expert, Kim Carruthers, shares her wisdom and insights into living with less debt and less stress, and therefore, more money and more energy.

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Michael Parker

Talk With Your Kids

Have you ever tried to talk to your kids about democracy, war, animal rights or freedom of speech? In this podcast, author and educator Michael Parker discusses the importance of talking with your children about ethics and big ideas, and how you can start the conversation.

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Rabbi Zalman Kastel

Discrimination: Race and Religion

In our “Discrimination” series, we explore different ways people confront and overcome discrimination. In this podcast, Rabbi Zalman Kastel, National Director of Together For Humanity, discusses how to cultivate more understanding and less prejudice.

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Josie Gagliano

The Sandwich Generation

Are you struggling with the pressure of caring for an older parent as well as your own children, and even grandchildren? You are not alone – you are part of the ‘sandwich generation’. In this podcast, Josie Gagliano shares the trials and triumphs of her care journey as a mum and her mum’s carer.

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Dr Anne Chalfant

Children and Autism

Between 2009 and 2012, there was a 79 per cent increase in the number of people diagnosed with autism in Australia. In this podcast, child psychologist Dr Anne Chalfant discusses the health and developmental needs for kids with autism and shares her experience supporting families after an autism diagnosis.

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William Struthers

Wired for Intimacy

Addiction to pornography is one of the greatest threats to human relationships, poisoning marriages and destroying families. Professor William Struthers from Wheaton College explores the impact of sexual images on real intimacy and provides advice on how to steer clear of pornography.

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Stella Young

Discrimination: Disability

In our “Discrimination” series, we explore different ways people confront and overcome discrimination. In this podcast, comedian and journalist, Stella Young, talks about identifying as a ‘crip’, and shares her thoughts on the objectification of disability.

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Refugees and Asylum Seekers

What does a compassionate approach to immigration policy look like? How can we support refugees living in community? In this podcast, you’ll find the answers to these questions and more with highlights from our Open House Live Q&A Panel, a real-life asylum seeker story from Bashir Yousufi, and a song by Tanya Riches.

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Ruth Chang

Hard Choices, Big Decisions

Are you facing a hard choice in life? Big decisions can be difficult, agonising and difficult – but there is hope! In this podcast, philosopher Ruth Chang discusses a powerful new way to think about hard choices and big decisions.

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Andrea Trevenna

Live Different: The Heart of Singleness

In our Live Different series, we explore the pressure points Christians face in everyday life, and how we can face them confidently to live full, free, deep and different. In this podcast, Andrea Trevenna, discusses how to be single and satisfied.

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