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Discrimination Series 

In this Open House series, we explore ways people confront and overcome discrimination.

Mental Health Masterclass 

Resident psychologist Leisa Aitken tackles topics from relationships to worry, and equips us with the tools we need to strengthen our minds and build resilience. 

Live Different 

Explore the pressure points Christians face in everyday life, and learn to live full and free, deep and different.

Kelly Minter

Adventures in the Amazon

Nashville-based worship leader, Kelly Minter, was content pursuing a career as a Christian recording artist. But a chance meeting that would make her music dreams coming true, also led her on a path to discovering a new passion – her love for the people of the Amazon.

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Matt Chandler

An Unexpected Pastor

He wanted to become a fighter pilot, but now he leads a congregation of 11,000 people at the Village Church and his sermons are among the most downloaded on iTunes. In this podcast, Matt Chandler shares his faith journey, his love of the gospel, and his passion for planting churches.

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Kevin Briggs

Guardian of the Golden Gate Bridge

It’s a spectacular tourist attraction but also the site of tragic loss – more than 1,600 people have jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge to their death. In this podcast, we speak with Sergeant Kevin Briggs, the man who has saved hundreds of people who have stood on this bridge between suicide and life.

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Blue Mountains Bushfires

One Year On

Blue Mountains residents are commemorating the first anniversary of the devastating October 2013 bushfires. In this podcast, we share stories of courage and kindness that have emerged from this disaster as families recover and faith is renewed. We hear from Blue Mountains Mayor Cr Mark Greenhill, residents Peter and Eartha Odell, and Catherine Hubbard.  …

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Gever Tulley

Dangerous Things Children Should Do

Would you let your child climb a tree? Deconstruct a toaster? Own a pocketknife? Play with fire? In this podcast, the founder of Tinkering School and SF Brightworks, Gever Tulley, encourages families to explore the world around them and embrace a little danger.

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Di Wilcox

Raising Resilient Children

Children and teenagers face significant pressure and stress that have potentially harmful physical and emotional effects. In this podcast, Di Wilcox shares how we as parents and educators can teach children to be resilient in the face of challenges, and the importance of developing empathy early in life.

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Chris Hadfield

An Astronaut on Earth

He has logged 4000 hours in space, travelled around the world 2593 times and is the first person to perform David Bowie’s Space Oddity in space. In this podcast, retired astronaut Chris Hadfield explores the lessons he learned about life on earth while he was walking in space.

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Elizabeth Coleman

Freedom Centre Tasmania

Around 60 per cent of people in custody in Australia have been imprisoned before, and one in four will re-offend within three months of release. In this podcast, Elizabeth Coleman talks about creating Freedom Centre Tasmania, a place where men on parole and ex-offenders can reintegrate into the community and rebuild their lives.

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Leisa Aitken


Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide. In any one year, around 1 million Australian adults will experience depression. Open House psychologist, Leisa Aitken, unpacks the risk factors and symptoms, the different types of this mental illness, and how we can seek help or support others who are experiencing depression.

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Temple Grandin

Autism Advocacy & Revolutionising the Cattle Industry

World-renowned animal behaviour expert and autism advocate, Temple Grandin, single-handedly revolutionised the cattle industry through her design of humane slaughterhouses. In this podcast, Temple shares her story, one that has defied preconceptions about autism, education and discrimination.

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