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Open House returns October 7 after the long weekend.

Discrimination Series 

In this Open House series, we explore ways people confront and overcome discrimination.

Mental Health Masterclass 

Resident psychologist Leisa Aitken tackles topics from relationships to worry, and equips us with the tools we need to strengthen our minds and build resilience. 

Live Different 

Explore the pressure points Christians face in everyday life, and learn to live full and free, deep and different.

Tania Harris

Conversations with God

What does God sound like? Does God speak to everyone? How do I know it’s God speaking? In this podcast, Australian pastor Tania Harris inspires and equips us to recognise the voice of God in the midst of our day-to-day lives.

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Annie Chikhwaza

Mother of Malawi

She’s the Dutch missionary known as the “Mother of Malawi”, having dedicated her life to caring for orphaned children in this region of Africa. In this podcast, Annie Chikhwaza shares her powerful story of overcoming molestation, divorce, an attempt on her life, and the death of her husband, to fulfil God’s calling on her life.

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John Rinehart

Gospel Patrons

John Rinehart’s discovery of gospel patronage began with a conversation that sparked his interest in what was happening “behind the scenes” during great movements of God in Christian history. In this podcast, John highlights the contributions of a rich aristocrat, a wealthy businessman and a cloth merchant, in spreading the Gospel all around the world.

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Karen and Mondy

In The Moment

While caring for Karen’s mother who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, Karen and her husband Mondy, discovered unexpected parallels between their work as actors and their lives as carers. Together, they’ve developed a carer training program, In The Moment, that incorporates improvisation and theatre games.

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Matthew Beard

Responding to Tragedy

Violence. Terror. War. Tragedies and disasters happening all around the world are vying for our attention and empathy. Research Associate at the University of Notre Dame’s Centre for Faith, Ethics and Society, Matthew Beard, says it’s important to stay connected, empathise, grieve and respond to tragedy, and it’s also okay to carry on.

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Dr Ernesto Sirolli

Listen and Learn

He’s dedicated his life to aid and development work, and learnt a key lesson from a herd of hippos while running an agriculture project in Africa. Founder of the Sirolli Institute, Dr Ernesto Sirolli, says the first step to providing help is to listen to the people you’re trying to help.

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Suzy Jacobs

Discrimination: Gender

In our “Discrimination” series, we explore different ways people confront and overcome discrimination. In this podcast, founder of She Business, Suzy Jacobs, says gender diversity is critical for workplaces to flourish.

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Dr Suzanne Gazda

Nodding Syndrome

Nodding Syndrome is a mysterious disease affecting thousands of children in Uganda, Sudan and Tanzania, characterised by a nodding of the head produced by seizures. Hope for Humans founder, Dr Suzanne Gazda, is heading up efforts to improve the lives of children with this disease and to find a cure.

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Kim Carruthers

Less Is More

The idea of living a simple, uncluttered life sounds attractive to many, but the next question is often confronting – where do I begin? De-clutter expert, Kim Carruthers, shares her wisdom and insights into living with less debt and less stress, and therefore, more money and more energy.

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Michael Parker

Talk With Your Kids

Have you ever tried to talk to your kids about democracy, war, animal rights or freedom of speech? In this podcast, author and educator Michael Parker discusses the importance of talking with your children about ethics and big ideas, and how you can start the conversation.

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